Open Records Requests and Open Meetings

The Monroe County Board of Education and Administration of Monroe County Schools believe strongly in a transparent and open governance system that is responsive to the community.  The Monroe County School System strictly adheres to all tenets of Georgia's Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act.


Open Records Requests

Georgia law states that an agency must produce records responsive to a request within three business days unless in cases of exceptional circumstances.  If the records cannot be produced within three business days, the agency must inform the requestor, in writing, when the records will be produced, the cost to produce the records (if any), and, if applicable, the specific legal authority exempting the records from disclosure, by Code section, subsection, and paragraph. The agency can only add to or amend the legal authority cited as the basis for exemption only once if such amendment is within five days of discovery of an error.

Open Records Requests must be submitted in writing to:

Dr. Mike Hickman


Monroe County Schools

25 Brooklyn Ave.

Forsyth, GA 31029


Superintendent's Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Deidre Powers



Open Meetings

The Open Meetings Act provides that an agency may not hold a meeting covered under the Act without having provided due notice of the time and place of the meeting, a preliminary agenda of the meeting and the publication of summary and final minutes of the meeting afterwards.  Proper notice includes the posting of a written notice at the regular place of meeting at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting and notice to the local legal organ in which sheriff's sales are published and other media who have requested such notices.  The Act does not require that the actual legal advertisements be taken out in a newspaper nor does it provide for an opportunity for a person to speak during a meeting.

The Monroe County Board of Education recognizes the need for communicating with citizens in an effort to become more aware of matters of local interest concerning the schools and to allow the Board to explain general policies governing the operation of public schools.  To provide for this communication process and to ensure that board meetings are conducted in an orderly and efficient manner, any citizen or groups of citizens may request placement on the agenda of the Board.  The request is to be made to the secretary of the Board by noon on the Friday preceding the next regularly scheduled meeting.  The request is to be written and shall state the nature of the matter to be presented.  If the request is applicable for Board consideration, the Chairman of the BOE shall approve the request and allot up to 5 minutes for presentation. If the request is made by a group of citizens, the chairperson has the authority to compel the group to assign a spokesperson.  The chairperson also has the authority to limit citizens’ speeches, if necessary, as the meeting progresses.

Matters being presented should relate only to those over which the Board has direct jurisdiction and matters involving schools or other board agencies that have progressed through the normal chain of command process.

Board action on citizens’ requests, if needed, may be made only after an individual or groups have made their statements and concluded their participation in the meeting.

For additional information on Open Records Requests and Open Meetings click on the following link to the Attorney General of Georgia's webpage.